“True Colors”

The recent current reviews that were placed here that I believe are attempts to cover up the truth, they talk about working overtime and on the weekends — This would be totally okay if there was a balance and value in employee health and wellbeing is also made a priority but it isn’t. There are zero benefits and the CEO gets upset when employees call in sick (mostly due to working overtime constantly) – There is no company health culture or mentorship or leadership. During COVID and lockdown the CEO and upper management were not easy to reach. There was no management through lockdown or guidance. Our team meetings sometimes happened sometimes didn’t and sometimes we wouldn’t even hear anything from upper management after the meeting had already started and employees were all waiting for them to join. Every single employee that was there during my time and people that had left the company has expressed they were severely underpaid and exploited. The CEO doesn’t honor expenses and she verbally abuses her assistant in front of others and talks badly about employees behind their backs. There were no black employees and no POC in places of leadership or upper management. Upper management are two white women that seamlessly kept everyone else at bay and even when promotions were said they were going to happen they didn’t and they would continuously say “You have so much potential” and the promotions or raises were never put in place. The CEO would be under the influence during company events that we had coordinated and put together. She would get wasted while clients were around and then be angry at the team that we had not brought clients to say hello to her when we were so embarrassed and forced into a situation where we had to protect her and the company from complete ruin. We eventually lost those clients. Thats the other thing, in other recent reviews, they talk about transparency – There was no transparency or open communication. We were never told when a contract with a client had ended or we were no longer working for them and we were never told why we were no longer working with a team – This was somewhat traumatizing as some of us had put in so much work and effort and time into these accounts, creating personal relationships as well and then we were expected to have zero communication with them and put our head down and ask no questions and be okay with it all. We represented one company for a few months and during this contract, the CEO went to another city to meet with our clients biggest competitor and pitched them to take them on as a client as well and proposed to have each of the companies work with different publicists within Miller PR and see if we could get away with it. This placed all of us in the most uncomfortable and scary position. COVID then happened and we thankfully were not placed into action with this. Also when COVID happened, the CEO would openly come into WeWork and into our office sick and coughing, making jokes that she could have the virus. She attended that meeting in the other city whilst constantly coughing and being evidently unwell having no considering for her employees, for the WeWork space and for the potential client that was an entire company office she visited. This also showed that there was not even consideration for her own health and the health of her family. The CEO would also acquire successes of her employees as her own and lie to clients. One of us successfully got a client into the NYT and Dawn Miller after not even really ever speaking to the client and developing a relationship with them, emailed the client and presented the article as her own success from her own contacts, which is not true. In their bio on Glassdoor, they say they don’t just tell a story, they create it. Well, that’s basically what the company was founded on – A made up truth, constant cover up stories and constant manipulated truths. The CEO and the Miller PR company needs to be accountable for their actions. They need to understand that their treatment is not right. I know for sure that most of the clients have no idea the toxic culture and exploitation that happens otherwise there is no way they would consider working with Dawn Miller or her company.

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