Terrible Company Led By a Horrendous Founder and Toxic Culture

Once you’re hired, the company pretty much won’t fire you because the company struggles to hire new employees due to poor leadership. 2. Due to #1, it’s not hard to negotiate for a higher salary compensation if you do get an offer. 3. If you know how to play a yes-man and stroke the founder’s ego and look like you’re busy most of the time, then you’ll be ok with your job security. 4. Fully-paid-for health insurance.

– No benefits outside of health insurance (no 401k or any other perks). – Company equity plan is a sham, as it states the equity is entirely unvested unless the company sells or terminates the employee without cause. As a result, the founder has instead bullied employees and created an abusive work environment in an attempt to get people to quit and use the unvested clause in the plan to deny equity once the company could get cheaper replacements that either don’t get equity or get far less equity. The company has a very toxic culture: 1. If you do a search on the company + lawsuit, you’ll find out the founder fought with his other co-founders to wrestle away their stake in the company that led to the current state where he now has absolute control over the company. 2. Because the founder holds absolute controlling stake on the company and has strong insecurities, the environment is more akin to walking on egg shells as the founder can and has from time to time to take it out on an employee or throw someone under the bus to shift blame from himself. 3. Due to #2, the company also has a complicit culture in which everyone turns a blind eye to the founder’s abusive behavior because everyone knows the founder won’t change his behavior and those that are on his good side don’t wish to rattle the boat. 4. Leadership is full of hidden agendas; company decisions are made without any disclosure to the employees, and often with no reason given. (e.g. employees found out the decision to move engineering out of Seattle was from recruiters outside of Seattle reaching out to employees) 5. Workplace backstabbing due to the founder’s insecurity; if you prove his idea is bad/wrong (e.g., authenticate a user by IP address), be prepared to be stabbed in the back with him spreading a false depiction of you being “difficult to work with” behind your back to the rest of the company to destroy your reputation. 6. Lack of accountability from leadership; if the founder ever makes a mistake or mistreats employees, you can expect the excuse to be “my intentions were good because all I’m thinking about is the business, so I’m not really at fault” (a nicer way of saying I was only thinking about making money for myself since I own majority shares of the company, so I can do no wrong), or “it takes two to tangle, and you’re just as much at fault if not more so than me” (and redirects the focus of the blame to you). 7. Zero-growth culture; the founder only cares about how much money you can make for ‘the business’ (him) and will not do anything to developer your career.

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