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Amazon Workers Defeat Union Effort in Alabama

The company’s decisive victory deals a crushing blow to organized labor, which had hoped the time was ripe to start making inroads. Amazon workers at a giant warehouse in Alabama voted decisively against forming a union on Friday, squashing the most significant organizing drive in the internet giant’s history and dealing a crushing blow to […]

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Workers at Amazon warehouse in Alabama reject unionization, a major win for the e-commerce giant

SEATTLE — Amazon workers in Alabama on Friday rejected unionization, a major victory for the e-commerce giant in a high-profile, high-stakes battle that will have ripple effects across the nation for workers and the labor movement. Amazon, the second largest private employer in the U.S. behind Walmart, has successfully staved on attempts to unionize at […]

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After riots, iPhone manufacturer says it “deeply regrets” exploiting workers

Enlarge / The Wistron factory in Narsapura, India. Getty Images / MANJUNATH KIRAN Earlier this month, employees at an Indian iPhone manufacturer, Wistron, erupted into violent protests that caused up to $ 7 million in damages. Employees said they weren’t being paid what they were promised, and they started smashing up the place in retaliation. […]