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Russian hackers hit US government using widespread supply chain attack

Enlarge Getty Images Russian hackers have breached networks belonging to the US government and private organizations worldwide in a widespread espionage campaign that uses the global software supply chain to infect targets. The US Treasury and Commerce departments are among the US government agencies hit in an operation that multiple news outlets, citing people familiar […]

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4 major browsers are getting hit in widespread malware attacks

Enlarge Getty Images An ongoing malware campaign is blasting the Internet with malware that neuters the security of Web browsers, adds malicious browser extensions, and makes other changes to users’ computers, Microsoft said on Thursday. Adrozek, as the software maker has dubbed the malware family, relies on a sprawling distribution network comprising 159 unique domains […]

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Facebook takes down a widespread network of pages tied to Stephen Bannon for pushing misinformation

Facebook took down a widespread network of pages tied to President Trump’s former chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon for pushing misinformation about voter fraud and delegitimizing election results. Bannon’s page also incurred penalties, including not being allowed to post content, but was not removed from Facebook. The seven pages, which had a total of over […]