Emerging Tech

A.I. teaching assistants could help fill the gaps created by virtual classrooms

Alistair Berg/Getty Images There didn’t seem to be anything strange about the new teaching assistant, Jill Watson, who messaged students about assignments and due dates in professor Ashok Goel’s artificial intelligence class at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Her responses were brief but informative, and it wasn’t until the semester ended that the students learned […]

Gears & Gadgets

Traders set to don virtual reality headsets in their home offices

Enlarge Thomas Barwick / Getty Images Spare bedrooms and living rooms could soon become part of vibrant trading floors as one of the world’s biggest investment banks considers providing staff with augmented reality headsets. UBS has experimented with issuing its London-based traders with Microsoft HoloLenses, which would allow staff to recreate the experience of working […]