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Twitter’s misinformation problem is much bigger than Trump. The crowd may help solve it.

The presidential election is over, but the fight against misinformation continues. The latest volley in that effort comes from Twitter, which on Monday announced Birdwatch, a pilot project that uses crowdsourcing techniques to combat falsehoods and misleading statements on its service. The pilot, which is open to only about 1,000 select users who can apply […]

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NYSE will remove share listings of Chinese telecom companies as Trump moves to ban Chinese apps Alipay and WeChat Pay

The New York Stock Exchange said it will proceed with a White House order to cease trading of three Chinese telecoms, the latest in a string of recent blows for Chinese companies dealt by the U.S. government. It follows President Trump‘s late Tuesday move to ban more Chinese mobile apps in the United States, including […]

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The Trump administration wants to take credit for a covid vaccine. Trump supporters are undermining it.

President Trump and his allies have spent years stoking disinformation and doubt in official accounts about the election, the coronavirus, and other topics. Now those efforts are making it harder to rally support around his administration’s vaccine push. Even as Vice President Pence took the vaccine on TV on Friday and the White House called […]

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YouTube suspends One America News, a Trump favorite, for peddling pandemic misinformation

YouTube said it suspended right-wing channel One America News for one week, beginning Tuesday, for violating its policy against misinformation related to the covid-19 pandemic and temporarily stripped the channel of its ability to make money from other videos. YouTube spokeswoman Ivy Choi said OAN, which has 1.2 million subscribers on the video service and […]

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After Trump tweets Defcon hacking video, voting security experts call BS

Enlarge Getty Images As President Trump continues to make unfounded claims of widespread election fraud, 59 of the world’s foremost experts on electronic voting are hitting back, saying that recent allegations of actual voting machine hacking “have been unsubstantiated or are technically incoherent.” Monday’s letter came after almost two weeks of baseless and unfounded claims […]

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Outgoing Trump administration bans investments in Chinese companies it says support China’s military

The White House on Thursday issued an executive order banning U.S. investment in a few dozen Chinese companies that it said have ties to the People’s Liberation Army, underscoring the administration’s drive to continue severing China links before President Trump’s term ends in January. Beginning Jan. 11, the order prohibits any U.S. citizens or funds […]