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China Turns to Elon Musk as Technology Dreams Sour

China is having its techlash moment. The country’s internet giants, once celebrated as engines of economic vitality, are now scorned for exploiting user data, abusing workers and squelching innovation. Jack Ma, co-founder of the e-commerce titan Alibaba, is a fallen idol, with his companies under government scrutiny for the ways they have secured their grip […]


Denuvo brings its gaming anti-tampering technology to the PS5

Regular readers know the name Denuvo as a once-impenetrable and now-quite-penetrable anti-piracy solution for PC games. Today, though, Denuvo parent company Irdeto announced that Denuvo technology is available to PS5 developers looking for an easy anti-cheat solution for their games. Console gaming’s closed ecosystem is generally less susceptible to the kinds of memory modifications and/or […]

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U.S. bans technology exports to Chinese semiconductor and drone companies, calling them security threats

The Trump administration has added prominent Chinese semiconductor and drone manufacturers to an export blacklist, an attempt to continue exerting pressure on Beijing in the final weeks of the Trump presidency. The Commerce Department said it has placed Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp., or SMIC; drone maker DJI; and dozens of other Chinese companies and universities […]

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The new technology that aspires to #DeleteFacebook for good

It’s been a terrible week for Facebook, with policymakers and users alike demanding answers from the social network over its Cambridge Analytica fiasco, in which the data analysis firm improperly accessed the personal information of about 50 million Facebook users. But the backlash has had at least one major beneficiary. That’s Mastodon, a Twitter-like social network that has had a […]