Nintendo’s very good NPD report, and next gen becomes current gen | GamesBeat Decides 172

Get the most out of your game’s subscription plans Best practices for designing and managing your subscription strategy Access guide here PlayStation 5 and the new Xbox systems are out, and GamesBeat editors Jeff Grubb and Mike Minotti talk about how they’re feeling about next-gen — er, current-gen gaming. Mike also ranks the PS5 launch […]

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The good, the bad, and the ugly of satellite megaconstellations

Genevieve Poblano/Digital Trends Graphic If you’ve been following the development of SpaceX’s Starlink project to create global broadband internet, you’ll have noticed that the company is regularly launching not just individual satellites, but whole batches of 60 satellites at a time. These batches form a network in the sky, called a satellite constellation, which allows […]


Good sci-fi speaks to the times, and Domain has done that twice in four years

The email hit my inbox in mid-May. The reader kept things succinct. Subject: Remember Domain? Body: I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately: Two months into a global pandemic obviously sticking around for a bit, I can’t say I had put much thought into a sci-fi B-movie I saw once several years back. […]

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The new technology that aspires to #DeleteFacebook for good

It’s been a terrible week for Facebook, with policymakers and users alike demanding answers from the social network over its Cambridge Analytica fiasco, in which the data analysis firm improperly accessed the personal information of about 50 million Facebook users. But the backlash has had at least one major beneficiary. That’s Mastodon, a Twitter-like social network that has had a […]