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Security firm Malwarebytes was infected by same hackers who hit SolarWinds

Enlarge Getty Images Security firm Malwarebytes said it was breached by the same nation-state-sponsored hackers who compromised a dozen or more US government agencies and private companies. The attackers are best known for first hacking into Austin, Texas-based SolarWinds, compromising its software-distribution system and using it to infect the networks of customers who used SolarWinds’ […]

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Investors in breached software firm SolarWinds traded $280 million in stock days before hack was revealed

Top investors in SolarWinds, the Texas-based company whose software was breached in a major Russian cyberattack, sold millions of dollars in stock in the days before the intrusion was revealed. The timing of the trades raises questions about whether the investors used inside information to avoid major losses related to the attack. SolarWinds’s share price […]

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Premiere security firm FireEye says it was breached by nation-state hackers

Enlarge Lino Mirgeler/picture alliance via Getty Images FireEye, a $ 3.5 billion company that helps customers respond to some of the world’s most sophisticated cyberattacks, has itself been hacked, most likely by a well-endowed nation-state that made off with “red-team” attack tools used to pierce network defenses. The revelation, made in a press release posted […]

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Major investment firm to prioritize sustainability, back off coal

Enlarge Bloomberg/Getty Images When it comes to taking action on climate change, the world has entered a very strange place. Scientific results continue to indicate that the consensus on our role in driving climate change has every reason to be accepted. Several years of the predicted impacts of climate change—record-high temperatures, massive storms, and out-of-control […]