What is cloud gaming?

Google Stadia, Xbox Game Pass, and PlayStation Now have introduced a gaming term that would’ve been completely foreign a decade ago: Cloud gaming. The premise is simple. Instead of buying a console and a disc, you can stream a game to any display you own, a bit like Netflix. But what is cloud gaming, exactly? […]


Cloud do better: Zaraz promises 40% faster websites with a single line of code

How open banking is driving huge innovation Learn how fintechs and forward-thinking FIs are accelerating personalized financial products through data-rich APIs. Register Now Most websites rely on third-party integrations, be it analytics, video players, ad-tracking pixels, or chatbots. While such tools are usually integral to its business model, the more scripts a company adds to […]

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Amazon begins shifting Alexa’s cloud AI to its own silicon

Amazon engineers discuss the migration of 80 percent of Alexa’s workload to Inferentia ASICs in this three-minute clip. On Thursday, an Amazon AWS blogpost announced that the company has moved most of the cloud processing for its Alexa personal assistant off of Nvidia GPUs and onto its own Inferentia Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC). Amazon dev Sebastien […]


Intel Geospatial is a cloud platform for AI-powered imagery analytics

The audio problem Learn how new cloud-based API solutions are solving imperfect, frustrating audio in video conferences. Access here Intel today quietly launched Intel Geospatial, a cloud platform that features data engineering solutions, 3D visualizations, and basic analytics tools for geovisual workloads. Intel says it’s designed to provide access to 2D and 3D geospatial data […]

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Cloud gaming: Are game streaming services bad for the planet?

By David MolloyTechnology reporter image copyrightGetty Images Microsoft is poised to launch its game streaming service, delivering high-end titles direct to phones – and Google already offers an equivalent service. Cloud gaming promises top-tier graphics and performance without the expensive hardware – with no more massive updates or downloads. But some studies suggests it could […]