The best capture cards for 2021

Capture cards are really simple devices. These nifty boxes connect your console to your PC while simultaneously passing a feed to a TV or monitor, allowing you to stream or capture gameplay footage at high resolutions and frame rates while enjoying your game. With the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X pushing resolutions and frame […]


Best server deals for March 2021

Whether you’re hosting your own website, creating a server for your favorite game, setting up an office network, running a remote virtual machine, or just building a cloud storage solution for your personal data, investing in good server hardware is critical. Cheap servers aren’t always easy to come by — quality hardware always comes at […]


The best routers for gaming in 2021

A slow internet connection can cause online games to lag and become difficult to play. Upgrading to a newer, more modern router should deliver a better experience when gaming online or broadcasting gameplay. A high-performing router will reduce lag and ensure that other non-gaming devices don’t experience any slowdowns while you’re playing online. Trending in […]