Lenovo Mirage Camera Up for Pre-Order on Amazon

Lenovo Mirage Camera

Lenovo’s virtual reality camera that we first saw at the Consumer Electronics Show in January is now available for pre-order.

As the folks over at The Tracker App noticed, Amazon is now taking pre-orders for the $ 299.99 Lenovo Mirage Camera with Daydream, which is slated to start shipping on May 4, according to the listing.

Meant to complement Lenovo’s upcoming Mirage Solo standalone Daydream VR headset, the camera is capable of capturing a 180-degree field of view thanks to its twin 13MP sensors and fisheye lenses. The footage it captures is compatible with Google’s VR180 format, which means you can easily upload and share it via YouTube and Google Photos.

Lenovo says the Mirage Camera “makes capturing VR content a treat rather than a chore,” but as PCMag analysts Will Greenwald and Sascha Segan noted at CES, the device isn’t technically a full-fledged 360 camera.

“It’s more like a 3D camera, from those old days when we used to take stereoscopic 3D photos,” they wrote. “It has depth, but the 180-degree field of view feels very, very not VR—things and people fade in and out of the frame as they enter the field of view. You can’t walk through your pictures, and it isn’t even really worth turning your head, as all you see are the edges of the frame. Your VR headset, essentially, becomes a pair of fancy 3D glasses.”

On a more positive note, Greenwald and Segan said the Mirage Camera is, indeed, easy to operate, so it might be perfect for someone dipping their toes into the waters of VR content creation.

Meanwhile, B&H Photo Video is taking pre-orders for the Mirage Camera, but with an expected availability date of May 7, a few days after Amazon’s. B&H also looks to be the only place you can currently pre-order the Mirage Solo headset, which is also expected to arrive in early May.

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