“IDPR is a scam.”


Interdependence is a full-service digital PR firm supercharged by the most advanced technology ever in public relations to maximize consistent media placements for our clients. 

With offices in New York, LA & Chicago, we work with some of the most notable companies in the world, from leading Silicon Valley venture-backed startups to firms with billions of dollars in annual revenues. 

Our team has deep expertise in B2B Tech, Consumer Tech, CPG and Consumer Brands Beauty, Health & Wellness, Hospitality, Food & Beverage and Crisis Communications.

They said:

We’re a clothing business that, for years, was primarily oriented as a physical store. Interdependence helped us go digital, initially via a PR campaign. Our team and executives were impressed by the work done that they decided to hire the agency again for our marketing and media engagement needs. The highlight was our presence in a 2019 trade show, where we were able to get good media mileage and two key national interviews. The Interdependence team is highly professional and strong strategic thinkers dedicated to high standards. We resonate with those same values.

But somebody doesn’t think is a good service:

IDPR makes their employees write positive reviews – they are part of a broader company that owns a reputation management company. Don’t trust the positive reviews you see on here. Clients literally pay this company to create fake reviews on Better Business Bureau, Google Reviews, etc.

IDPR is a scam and makes EMPTY promises to clients. There is NO strategy – you will pitch for days on end to reporters who don’t care about your tiny clients. I am writing this review in the hopes of helping someone who was in my position, looking for a job in PR. My worst day at my current job is a million times better than my best day at IDPR. All of IDPR’s employees hate it here, and there is no opportunity for growth. My advice is to run. Far away. You’ll find other companies that value you as a person and you as an employee. Don’t suffer like I did.

You know about what you want in my trust…

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