Every position is open in wrong direction

I have been using inthemonestocks. Com investment alerts for 4 months now. Since then I have lost 30% of my account waiting for market will rebound in direction ‘master trader’ Gareth Soloway advised. Here is the example of this service: Amidst pandemic when everyone is shopping online, ‘master trader’ opens short on Paypal and Apple! Every single trade is opened in opposite direction, be it short or long. And if it goes wrong he just adds to it, like in the Apple example- he added to short total of 4 times! Who would have that much money? Unless your account is a paper one. The ‘proven record’ on the website- I do not know if those failed trades were posted. Just like forever opened loser positions. They show on the sheet only after being closed, not after opened.
To prove myself, I’m attaching screenshot from my real(not paper) IB account. Shortly after I took it I got margin call. So much for skills of ‘master trader’


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