Beth Fishman Glass – BEWARE of Inferior Quality and Foreign Child Labor

Beth Fishman has been involved in the Seattle Glass World for more than 20 years, but behind that inviting smile is darkness and greed.  Just about all of Beth’s work comes from Eastern Europe where children and young as 10 are working the super hot glass shops.  Beth actually makes trips to these hot shops to pick out the girls and boys she wants on her production line, so it is not as if she does not know what is going on.  If you buy Beth Fishman Glass you are supporting child labor, where there are an average of 15 serious burn accidents a year within her 70+ child team. 

Much of her Seattle gallery business comes from Vetri Glass, so purchasing any of the Vetri artists’ work is also supporting child labor.

More notes on this greedy, self-centered phony to come.  We will feature many of the artists that Beth counterfeits and sells here and abroad.

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