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One year in, ‘Valorant’ is changing the game and eyeing new platforms

When Riot Games’ “Valorant” first launched, the tactical shooter was best described by comparison: “Counter-Strike” plus “Overwatch.” Just one year later, “Valorant” has matured into something identifiable and unique. “It’s a very, very creatively focused tactical shooter,” Joe Ziegler, game director for “Valorant,” told The Post. “The level of creativity of what our players can […]

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FBI Director Christopher Wray: Don’t Pay Ransomeware Payments After Cyberattacks

WASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI’s director told lawmakers Thursday that the bureau discourages ransomware payments to hacking groups even as major companies in the past month have participated in multimillion-dollar transactions aimed at getting their systems back online. “It is our policy, it is our guidance, from the FBI, that companies should not pay the ransom for […]


The best FPV drone videos of all time

There’s flying a drone and then there’s flying a drone. While the former invariably involves gentle climbs and careful descents, the latter can include breathtaking speeds, sudden turns, and, if you’re still learning the ropes, lots of crashes. These faster, more sophisticated flights are often performed by FPV (first person view) drones. For those not […]