What is Windows Polaris? Microsoft’s defunct UI explained

Microsoft’s approach to a user interface really hasn’t changed structurally since Windows 95 — it’s just gotten prettier and more feature-packed. The big exception is Windows 8, which didn’t sit well with Microsoft’s longtime customers and forced the interface back into the traditional taskbar layout with Windows 8.1. Even the Surface devices default to the […]

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5G home internet: Carriers, coverage, and plans

Carriers are fully in the swing of deploying their 5G networks, with AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile all having now rolled out nationwide networks using a combination of Sub-6 and mmWave spectrum. That’s good news for those who want to enjoy 5G on their smartphones — but it may have an impact on another internet connection […]

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New Perseverance panorama lets you zoom in to see amazing detail

NASA’s Perseverance rover is currently undergoing checks to ensure it’s ready to start exploring its new surroundings on Mars. But that hasn’t stopped the mission’s team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California from firing up some of the rover’s many cameras to capture amazing imagery from inside Jezero Crater where it touched down […]


With Hasselblad in tow, OnePlus must learn from Huawei and Leica’s success

,OnePlus may have struck a partnership to help elevate the camera system on its next smartphone to the level seen on Samsung, Apple, and Huawei phones. A leak suggests OnePlus will work with camera maker Hasselblad in some capacity for the OnePlus 9 Pro, potentially in a similar way to how Huawei has worked with […]


The best Presidents Day camera sales and deals for 2021

If you’ve been waiting for Presidents Day camera sales, your wait is over. Presidents Day sales are here and you’ll be pleased to learn that there are many attractive Presidents Day camera deals. We searched major retail sites to find the best Presidents Day camera sales listed below. We’ll continue to update this post with […]


This new Canon photo app will help you decide which pics are worth keeping

With smartphone cameras now so advanced, most of us ditched our compact cameras long ago. The ease with which we can fire up a smartphone camera and take a snap means many of us are now taking a lot of photos. That’s all well and good, but unless you’re a stickler for photo management, you […]


The best 360-degree camera apps for Android and iOS

Today’s smartphones have made amateur photographers of all of us. But as smartphone photography became ubiquitous, the intriguing 360-degree spherical panorama came into vogue. A 360-degree photo lets you observe a scene in any direction from a single point of view and today’s smartphone apps make it easy to accomplish — you don’t have to […]